Some might say that luck was on the side of this vineyard, given its location a few miles north of Bordeaux on the famous Médoc peninsula and in the heart of the no less famous Margaux appellation.

Its 25 hectares set in the Margaux appellation benefit from a terroir of amazing quality.

Here, the soils are mainly made up of gravel and pebbles, which retain very little rainwater. The roots of the vines delve very deeply into the subsoil to find their nourishment, causing the vines to undergo the famous “water stress”, which is essential to the production of wines of truly great character.

Grape Varieties

The vineyard also has its own particular grape composition:
46% Merlot
40% Cabernet Sauvignon
13% Petit Verdot
1% Cabernet Franc

Vinification and ageing

Nowadays, precision work begins in the vineyard itself -“plot by plot”.
Only when the grapes have reached optimal ripeness is the decision taken to start the harvesting. The bunches are picked by hand in small crates and meticulously sorted both before and after the de-stemming process, so that only the finest grapes go into the vats.
Though the wine-making remains traditional, the latest technology is carefully integrated to carry out a plot by plot vinification, to lavish even greater care on the grapes and to be able to extract the best from the fruit.
This stage is followed by a period of ageing, which completes the wine-making process and enhances quality.
This ageing is done in French oak barrels. Just the right degree of oak ageing is necessary for the balance of the wine’s tannins.
Each generation at Siran has made every necessary effort to take this estate to the highest level.

Château Siran - Rang de vignes
Château Siran - Grappe de raisins
Château Siran - Chai à barriques

Château Siran